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The Trojan MS-2000 Miter Saw Stand gives you almost everything you could want from a stand if you are professional who has to move from site to site regularly and transport a stand with them.

This Saw stand is designed in a universal way in order to be able to fit any Miter saw on the market. Not only that, but it is capable of fitting other brands too if you desire.

This makes it incredibly versatile for the user first and foremost. This particular model of stand is extremely light and portable so you can transport it around with you with relative ease. It is very simple to assemble and fold away when you do not need to use it any more.

The stand itself provides a full 13 feet of support for your materials. Both ends of the stand can be extended so it is fully adjustable dependent on your requirements.

You will, however, have to drill and then mount your saw manually as the product is not predrilled to cater for this. The stand is constructed from steel making it very durable and strong.

So as to keep the weight of the stand to a minimum for easy transportation, the legs are relatively thin. This in turn means the stand is more compact and easier to fold down.

The wheels fitted to the stand are a diameter of 10 inches and roll along any surface very well.

The rollers are also made so they will not rust in the elements. You will not find many stands around that are easier to move than this one which helps with any job you are undertaking.

The vast majority of reviews for this product are extremely positive. A lot of customers loved the way the stand is constructed for stability and easy transportation.

The Trojan MS-2000 Miter Saw Stand Reviews

Almost all the reviews for this product are very positive.  The stand is high quality and extremely strong and stable for even the toughest jobs. Assembling and setting up the stand was found to be very easy for a lot of customers.

The fact that any Miter saw and a wide variety of others can be mounted on this stand is a major advantage for many.

The stand can also be fully adjusted in height and length to enhance that versatility. It is also easy to transport around as it is fully portable and relatively light.

There were only few complaints about this product. Some customers felt that the lack of a handle for carrying was a let down and could have been incorporated. This would have made transportation easier still.

Overall, this Trojan MS-2000 Miter Saw Stand looks to be a very worthwhile purchase for any professional, whether they are on site or moving around a lot.

The stand is sturdy and portable and can be fully adjusted to meet your needs.

Trojan MS-2000 Miter Saw Stand Features:

  • This product has a universal design that can be used with all Miter saw brands
  • Easy setup
  • 10-inch pneumatic wheels for portability
  • Sturdy steel-tubing construction
  • Provides 13-feet of overall support
  • Can be used with a variety of saws